Town Council: 709-537-2187
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Colin Vogt 

I became fascinated with the whole area around Hare Bay because of the excellent books of Gary Collins. Hope to visit the area in the next year of two.

Kirk Saunders 

Great web site. The town council does our forefathers proud. Speaking of forefathers, are there any pictures of the founding fathers of Hare Bay?
I am told that Job Collins (Grandfather) and Cecil Wiseman were two of them.

Nicole Parsons 

The website is wonderful!

Reginald B /Collins 

Very nice to see this site for Hare Bay. Great job!

Sherry Stahle-Smith/Collins 

So very nice to see a website for Hare Bay. Nice job, thanks for sharing!

Alice Kelly 

Great website. Hope to make it home for the “Come Home Year” celebrations.


This website is great for someone like myself that doesn’t live home and don’t get home very much. I now have pictures to show my kids regarding the giant squid story that I’ve told them about. I remember walking out to see it and now they will get to see first hand. Great job!

Leo Collins 

My home Town !!….Great job on your website. Really looking forward to seeing a lot of folks at the “Come Home Year” festival this summer !!

Roderick Brentnall 

Very nice site guys. I have some great pictures if you like as well as the genealogical information for Hare Bay through the years.

Mike Parsons 

Great job.


The website is finally coming together! It looks great!

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