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Submit Your Photos of Come Home Year 2014!

We would love to receive photos to showcase our Come Home Year 2014 Celebrations on the town’s website.  Feel free to send two photos per submission.  Once approved we’ll add them to the Come Home Year 2014 photo gallery.  Please be sure to read the acknowledgement before you submit your photos.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Message or photo credit details (optional)

Upload your files - max 2 per submission - jpg or png 2mb per file max:

- I agree to allow the Town of Hare Bay to post photos I submit via this form to the Come Home Year 2014 photo gallery on the Town of Hare Bay website. I agree that I have already asked permission from any persons shown in the photos that I have submitted via this form, and that they have agreed to have photos of them posted to the Come Home Year 2014 photo gallery. I will specify if I prefer to be credited for any submitted photos, otherwise the Town of Hare Bay will decide whether or not to credit any photos that I submit.